Additional Leather Information

We Use Corrected Grain Leather

Upholstery leather is made from animal skins, which are a by-product of the beef/cattle meat industry and offer a reliable and sustainable solution for upholstering quality furniture. Theses hides are made ready for upholstery by the tanning process, which is a series of treatments that soften, pigment, beautify and protect the hides. Depending on treatments used, genuine upholstery leathers come in three basic types; each has differing performance, as well as a distinctive look and feel.

Corrected Grain leather uses the strong top-grain layer from quality cattle hide. As leather is a natural product, every hide has its own unique characteristics including scars and marks. The above characteristics are not flaws in leather, do detract from the leather’s wearing qualities and are hallmarks of genuine quality leather. In Corrected Grain leathers these characteristics are usually reduced by light buffing, sanding and filling in the hide's top-grain surface. A uniform grain pattern is then embossed into the leather, to restore an overall ‘even grain’ look.


How to Care for Your Leather


Do not use detergents, soap, solvents, abrasives, suede cleaners or any other general cleaners.

Only use leather cleaners and conditioners recommended by your retailer.

Clean any spills immediately.

Protect your leather from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Regularly clean and dust your leather with a clean dry cloth and vacuum with a soft brush.

Do not rub or scrub the leather.


Important Information

As leather is an animal product, each piece will have its own distinct characteristics. These characteristics may include; marks, scars, insect bites, tears, nicks, bruises, leather folds, wrinkles, vein lines etc. As stated above, these markings do detract from the leather’s wearing qualities and are hallmarks of genuine quality leather. Dyes are absorbed differently throughout the hides and some colour variation is normal and expected.

The salts and body oil which occur naturally in human skin can damage the surface of the leather if left uncleaned for lengthy periods. Always clean along any creases that have developed in the leather and areas that come in contact with the skin, such as head rests, arm pads or seats. With regular use the leather fibres will relax in these areas allowing for comfort creases to form.

Warranty: Deterioration due to incorrect or inadequate maintenance cannot be considered a fault in the leather and claims due to this will not be considered. The first point of contact for warranty claims is the retailer from where this product was purchased.


The Leather Collection Specifications

Raw Material: Bovine Hides
Thickness: 0.9 mm – 1.1 mm
Approx. wgt.: 2.00 – 2.25 ounces per sqft
Type of Tanning: Chrome Tanning
Type of Dyeing: Drum-dyed through
Classification: Full top Grain color-coated
Colorfastness: 4/5 on blue scale
Rubfastness: 250 wet rubs and 500 dry rubs
Flexing Endurance: 50000 cycles
pH: >3.2
Tear Strength: 20N Minimum
Flammability: E/ISO 8191-1 pass